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1. He is________ as a leader but he hasn’t________ in teaching.

A. success; many experiences B. a success; much experience

C. great success; an experience D. a great success; a lot of experiences

2. The job market has changed and our _____ to finding work must change as well.

A. approach B. solution C. assumption D. situation

1.【答案】B。解析:考查名詞。表具有某種特性、狀態、特點、情感、情緒的人和事;如:She is a success in cause but a failure in marriage. (成功者、失敗者)。



1. Under the Dome, _____ 103-minute documentary released by Chai Jing, has pushed public awareness about air pollution and encouraged people to join in efforts to make _____ difference.

A. the; a B. a; a C. the; 不填 D. a; 不填

2. We can see _____ hundreds of birds flying in _____ sky.

A. a; a B. /; a C. /; the D. the; the

1.【答案】B。解析:考查冠詞。句意:蒼穹之下,一部柴靜發行的103分鐘的紀錄片,讓公眾意識到空氣污染的問題并且鼓勵人們都獻出一份努力使空氣質量發生些改變。前半句中一部紀錄片是單數,應該用冠詞a;后半句中的make a difference發生差別,是固定搭配,故選B。

2.【答案】C。解析:考查冠詞。hundred, thousand, million, billion, dozen, score等詞前如果有具體的數字,那么這些詞都不需要加“s”,且后邊不同of;如果前面沒有具體數字,那么這些詞要加“s”,且后邊加of。in the sky是固定短語,故選C。


1. Mary told me not to drive _____ high speed.

A. in B. at C. on D. with

2. It is illegal for a public official to ask people for gift or money _____ favors to them.

A. in preference to B. in place of C. in agreement with D. in exchange for

1.【答案】B。解析:考查介詞辨析。句意:瑪麗叫我不要快速行駛。at a … speed“以……的速度”,故選B。

2.【答案】D。考查固定搭配。in preference to優先于;in place of代替;in agreement with贊同;in exchange for作為……的交換。句意為:政府官員作為對人們的幫助而向人們所要錢物是不合法的。故選D。


1. _____ readers came to the bookshop but only _____ of them got the book.

A. Thousands of; two hundred B. Thousand of; two hundreds

C. Thousands of; two hundreds D. Thousand of; two hundred

2. Every year _____ students attend the college entrance examination, and _____ them can be admitted into their ideal universities.

A. a quantity; many B. a quantity of; a good many

C. quantities of; many of D. quantities; a good many of

1.【答案】A。解析:考查數詞的用法。句意:數千個讀者來到書店但是僅僅他們當中有兩百個人獲得了那書。hundred, thousand, million 等和具體數字連用,不加s,是具體數字。hundred, thousand, million后加s,of,表示數百,數千,數百萬,是模糊數字。根據句意可知第一個是模糊數字,而第二個空是數字+of+…,指……中的幾個,是具體數字。故選A。

2.【答案】C。解析:考查詞組和主謂一致。句意:每年大量的學生參加高考,其中很多被理想大學錄取了。a quantity of“大量的”,后面的謂語是單數,quantities of“大量的”,后面的謂語用復數,根據謂語attend可知第一空填C,第二空就是them應該是many of,指他們中很多人,故選C。


1. --- Is this your pen, Tom?

--- No, _____ is in my pencil box.

A. my B. his C. I D. mine

2. How would you like _____ if you were watching your favorite TV program and someone came into the room and just shut it off without asking you?

A. them B. one C. those D. it

1.【答案】D。解析:考查名詞性物主代詞。my形容詞性物主代詞“我的”;his形容詞性物主代詞“他的”;I主格“我”;mine名詞性物主代詞“我的”,在本句中相當于my pen,故選D。

2.【答案】D。解析:考查代詞。句意:如果你正在看你最喜愛的電視節目,有人進入你的房間,未經你的允許把它關上了,你將會怎樣呢?固定句式:動詞 + it + when (if)-從句,在此句式中it做形式賓語,如 I would appreciate it when/if.....要是……,我感激不盡。故選D。


1. --- Remember to return the book to the library in time, _____ you will be fined.

--- Yeah, I know.

A. or B. and C. but D. then

2. I enjoy the popular dance “hip-hop”, but _____ my father _____ my mother likes it.

A. both; and B. not only; but also C. either; or D. neither; nor

1.【答案】A。解析:考查連詞辨析。句意:――記得及時把書還到圖片館,否則你會被罰款的。――是的,我知道。A. or否則,表示結果;B. and并且,表示并列;C. but但是,表示轉折;D. then然后,表示順序。不及時還書,就要受罰,表示結果。故選A。



1. I have never dreamed of _____ such a good hotel in this town.

A. there was B. there is C. there being D. there have

2. She was fortunate _____ to star in the film which _____ in the remote mountainous village.

A. having been picked out; was set B. to have been chosen; set

C. to be picked out; was set D. to have been chosen; was set

1.【答案】C。解析:考查動名詞用法。dream of后面接動名詞。There be 的動名詞形式為there being,故選C。

2.【答案】D。解析:考查不定式的完成時態和介詞短語。句意:她很幸運被選為為遙遠山村為背景的電影做主角。選擇作為電影主角是在過去動作was之前完成,所以要用完成時,be set in 以……為背景。故選D。


1. _____ is left over may be put into the refrigerator, _____ it will keep for two or three weeks.

A. Whoever; when B. Whenever; which

C. Whatever; where D. Whichever; while

2. Our school is no longer _____ it was 10 years ago, _____ it was not well equipped.

A. what, which B. that, which C. what, when D. that, where

1.【答案】C。解析:考查定語從句。句意:無論剩下什么東西,都可以放入冰箱中,在那兒可以保存兩三個星期。whatever相當于anything that,that引導anything的定語從句,“where it will keep for two or three weeks”是定語從句,關系副詞where在從句中作地點狀語,故選C項。

2.【答案】C。解析:考查表語從句和定語從句。no longer后面的表語從句不完整,it was后面還缺少表語,根據意思是“20年前的樣子”,后面一個句子是對20年前的補充說明,是一個非限制性定語從句,20年前學校設備條件不好,when在定語從句中作時間狀語。故選C。


1. I have got my baby _____ recently, and I’m going to have Jenny _____ it tomorrow.

A. looked after; care about B. to take good care; care for

C. taken good care of; care for D. looked after; taken good care of

2. The hunter _____ his gun under the tree where he was _____.

A. lay; lieing B. laid; lying C. lied; laying D. lay; lying

1.【答案】C。解析:考查過去分詞和詞組。句意:最近,我的孩子被照料得很好,明天我將讓Jenny照顧它。“我的孩子”和“照料”之間是被動關系,故用過去分詞;care for照料,故選C。

2.【答案】B。解析:考查lie,lay用法。句意:獵人把槍放在他躺在下面的大樹下面。動詞lie有兩層含義,表示“說謊”的時候,是規則動詞,過去式和過去分詞是“lied, lied”;表示“躺,位于”的時候,是不規則動詞,過去式和過去分詞是“lay, lain”;動詞lay表示“放置,擱,產卵”是一個規則構成,過去式和過去分詞是“laid, laid”。本題中第一空lay表示“放置”,其過去式為laid;第二空lie表示“躺”,現在分詞為lying。故選B。


1.— Could you tell me _____ at the meeting?

— Sorry, I don’t know. I was not at the meeting.

A. what does he say B. what did he say C. what he says D. what he said

2. Old Henry _____ his loves dog, but he didn’t _____ it.

A. is looking for, find B. looks for, found C. looked for, find D. looked for, found

1.【答案】D。解析:考查賓語從句的時態和語序。賓語從句應該用陳述句語序,排除A、B;根據答語中的I was not at the meeting.可知,對話涉及的事情發生在過去,過用一般過去時。故選D。

2.【答案】C。解析:考查時態和動詞詞義辨析。look for表示動作,find表示結果,根據語境可知選擇C。


1. No one _____ be more generous; he has a heart of gold.

A. could B. must C. dare D. need

2. —What a pity! George _____ will quit the trip to Hangzhou.

—Let me phone him for the final decision.

A. can B. must C. shall D. may


2.【答案】D。解析:考查情態動詞。A. can能,會;B. must必須;C. shall將要;D. may可能。句意:——太可惜了!George可能要放棄杭州之旅。——我打電話問他最后的決定。此處表示可能性,用may不用can,may只是有可能,不如can肯定。根據后面要打電話確認,故是不太肯定,有可能放棄,故選D。


1. We lost our way in that small village,otherwise we _____ more places of interest yesterday.

A. visited B. had visited C. would visit D. would have visited

2. _____ you feel the urge to pack your bags and explore what the world has to offer, you might want to consider one of the destinations below.

A. Unless B. Could C. While D. Should

1.【答案】D。解析:考查虛擬語氣。由語境及otherwise可知,逗號后的部分是一個含蓄條件句,由lost可知此處表示與過去事實相反的情況,故用would/could/should/might+have done結構,故選D。

2.【答案】D。解析:考查虛擬和倒裝。句意:如果你有一種打好背包,探索世界展現出來奧妙的熱情,那么你或許想考慮一下下面的旅游勝地。Should 放前面表示虛擬,完整形式是If you should feel,if省略,should需提前。故選D。